What to Bring


1) If you have health insurance through your employer for a full year for all members of your family, you will just need to check “YES” on Page 1 of the PDF “Personal Tax Info” checklist on our website.

2) If you have private insurance through THE MARKETPLACE (also called THE EXCHANGE) we MUST have, for each member of the family:

  • Name of the insurance company
  • Policy #
  • Who is covered
  • What month(s) are covered
  • Cost of insurance for each month for each person.

3) If you feel exempt from health insurance, you must get FORM 8965 from THE MARKETPLACE (or THE EXCHANGE). THE MARKETPLACE will issue FORM 8965 to report which exemption you have been granted. Again you must get this form before you come in for your 2014 tax preparation and we must have a copy of FORM 8965 before we can e-file your taxes. (Obtaining this form could take 2-4 weeks. Call THE MARKETPLACE early)

All Repairs & Maintenance need to have details as to the date paid and what the Repairs & Maintenance was for. (It would be a good idea to print out details for Repairs & Maintenance category from your QuickBooks). There are new capitalization regulations and Form 3115

The IRS is still heavy into audits – KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS! WE EXPECT TO CONTINUE TO SEE A LOT OF AUDITS IN THE NEXT YEAR. If you receive an audit letter, call our office and come in to sign a Power of Attorney to have Lynda represent you – for fees starting as low as $100.00 per hour.

Available Only With Paid Tax Preparation at Lynda Mohs Tax Service

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