File Online

This is for people who like to file their own returns. In our computer-age it only stands to reason that the IRS will soon eliminate paper. So now we provide this service to you.

Using our software to e-file your taxes, you should know your basic tax laws of what you can and cannot do. We do not offer tax advice or know-how with this option. You prepare your own taxes and e-file them using our tax software. Please have all your items ready along with your credit card.

Do not call Mohs Tax Service for technical support. For support, contact This is the company that supports this type of filing. Our prices are very low for this service and you pay with a credit or debit card upon completion.

Are you sure that you want to file your own? If not, go back and call our office for an appointment and we'll be happy to prepare and file them for you.

If you would like to come into our office and have us prepare your return, please see our prices and call us for an appointment at (612) 721-2026.

Click Here to File Your Taxes Online!