Payroll Services

We provide a full-service payroll department for employers. Whether you require a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly paychecks, we will do what you need to have done. We do W-2's and 1099's after the end of the year for your employees or subcontractors. Our pricing is the best in town for payroll services.

We also do old back payroll for those companies who have gotten behind, need help filing and paying the correct federal and state withholdings for their employees. And “after the fact” payroll: you do the payroll checks and we file the 941’s and 940’s.

The Federal Government has switched everyone over to a new system with the 941 deposits. Banks can no longer except the 941 or 940 tax. These must be electronically filed. Please call LeAnn for help to set up this new system.

The MN UI Fund is now charging a $250.00 per month penalty for late filed UI returns, even if the returns are zero. The new commissioner said they would not abate these penalties, so it's very important to file on time. Also, some people have received a notice from the Federal government saying that they can file and pay 941 yearly (Form 944); please note this does NOT mean you can pay and file UI returns yearly, as doing so would result in expensive penalties.

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