Prepay Discounts

Take advantage of our prepay options and save money on a service you already use and need. Discounts start in August.

  • Prepay in August and save 15%
  • Prepay in September for a savings of 10%
  • Prepay in November and get 5% off

Please note our updated pricing

To take advantage of our prepay service, call the office at 612-721-2026. One of the receptionists will get your name and find out what schedules need to be filed. We will then figure out your discounted price and call you back with that dollar amount.

Once we have contacted you with the discounted price, you can either pay over the phone with a credit or debit card or you can mail us a check. If sending a check, please note in the memo line "PREPAY" plus the tax year.

Prepayment is only available on tax prep services. It is not available for accounting, audit representation, payment negotiations, offer in compromise, payroll, W2's, 1099's or consulting services. It is also not available for catching up on old years of filing, although we are certainly the ones to help you get caught up! If you have a friend in trouble, pass them our name and number. We'd be happy to help.

Lynda and staff