We can do your monthly, quarterly and yearly filing of your sales tax. Call for an appointment. We also can help you obtain a State ID # and set you up for your account with the State of Minnesota.

In January 2006, MN started to require all payments for returns to be paid electronically online. Call us at (612) 721-2026 if you need help or don't have on-line access. Don't forget USE TAX.

Click here to calculate the amount of sales and/or use tax you owe.

Did you know?
  1. You should charge sales tax on shipping charges that are added to the bill.
  2. It's not good enough to just get a person's resale tax # - you need them to completely fill out and sign a ST-3 form if they don't pay sales tax.
  3. You should turn in use tax on items you buy out of state and the supplier never charged you sales tax.

A common problem that sales tax audits are finding is that a lot of people are not paying use tax. If you buy a product that you did not pay sales tax on and you use it, then you owe sales tax. This commonly happens when you order something from another state, order online or pay with a credit card and it's shipped to you. Check your invoices and receipts, if you didn't pay sales tax and it's an item you use, you owe use tax. Use tax are filed and paid at the same time as sales tax. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office.